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Data science students have a skillset unlike any other – the ability to understand how to take big data sets and use scientific methods to make sense of the information they hold.

Data Science is the Study of Data

We analyze big data sets to gain knowledge and communicate insights.

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Data science is an innovative major that provides strong foundations in statistics, math, and computer science and then allows you to choose what you want to focus on for your higher-level classes. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after college, but now that I have found data science, I am very excited about my future career opportunities.


– Megan D., Data Science Major

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Course Work Overview

Students majoring in Data Science work together as a cohort team allowing for students to get to know their peers while completing their coursework.

Year One

Gain a foundational understanding of Data Science through a first-year seminar and take introductory concentration-specific classes.

Year Two

Dive deeper into Data Science by taking classes such as data wrangling and higher-level concentration-specific classes.

Year Three

Expand your knowledge by taking classes such as Inferential Reasoning in Data Analysis.

Year Four

Complete your degree with a hands-on capstone project


Portrait of Ben Prytherch.Meet Ben Prytherch, Data Science Academic Advisor

Ben Prytherch teaches Statistics and advises undergraduate and graduate Statistics and Data Science students.

Questions? Email Ben at ben.prytherch@colostate.edu.

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